2011 College Football Week 3: Ryan Broyles and E.J. Manuel knuckle up, as do Buckeyes and Hurricanes

2011 College Football Week 3: Ryan Broyles and E.J. Manuel knuckle up, as do Buckeyes and Hurricanes

This week is around where the tide begins to turn from "big-time, prime-time non-conference battles" to "mostly conference knuckle-ups." There's a couple here and there next weekend -- LSU vs. West Virginia, for example -- but for the most part, as September begins to fade out, this is the last time you'll see a big 8pm game involve two teams from different conferences.

The 3:30 slot this weekend isn't bad -- you essentially have three interesting games, all of which should be easily accessible on television. Those would be Florida vs. Tennessee (CBS); Notre Dame vs. Michigan State (NBC) and UCLA vs. Texas (ESPN2 or ABC, depending on area).

Basically, UT-UF is about one team going 3-0 and being viewed as the primary challenger to SoCar in the SEC East; ND-MSU is about ND not starting 0-3, and MSU being undefeated when they face Wisconsin in a couple of weeks; and Texas-UCLA is about Texas continue to stagger around but still win the game, setting them up to spoil Oklahoma's season in Dallas.

Ah, perfect segues.

The main night games are Oklahoma vs. Florida State (ABC; both are top five teams) and Miami vs. Ohio State (ESPN).

In that OU-FSU game, it basically comes down to this: every year, Oklahoma loses one big road game -- will this one be the one this year? To believe that, you need to believe the talent gap has substanially closed, and 'Hassee makes a difference, on last year's 44-17 outcome. In that UM-OSU game, all the jokes will be about scandal-ridden programs, but this is a nice chance for Luke Fickell to go 3-0 headed into Big Ten play / Al Golden to get a win under his belt to avoid other topics.

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See you guys out there -- and remember, go Idaho Vandals!


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