So, is it a Bills-Lions Super Bowl?

So, is it a Bills-Lions Super Bowl?

Over 76 percent of teams who start 3-0 have gone on to make the NFL playoffs, and if you consult the Buffalo Bills' schedule, it seems fairly logical they'll finish either 10-6 or 11-5 -- barring an epic collapse. If you consult the Detroit Lions' schedule, they could win 10 games even if they lose both games against the Packers (and, you know, provided Matt Stafford stays healthy).

Will they meet in the Super Bowl? Good Lord no. (They could, of course, but the odds would seem to be against it -- especially in the case of the Lions winning the entire NFC with the Saints and Packers lurking there.)

This, however, was still beastly:


As was this:

Enjoy the fall of Sunday surprises, friends.

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