The Five And Five: Sooners are good, but are they great?

The Five And Five: Sooners are good, but are they great?


1. Oklahoma is good, but are they great? In fairness, the victory over FSU -- while a big deal, because it was a road win against a top-10 team and all -- probably shouldn't be viewed through a massively rose-colored lens. FSU lost their main QB in this game, and to be honest, this group of Seminoles hadn't really "been here before." Oklahoma almost never loses at home, but if you look at their schedule, that game @Baylor on 11-19 is gradually becoming pretty interesting (as is, of course, the Oklahoma State game to end the season).

2. LSU is very good: In a lot of respects, that Mississippi State game on Thursday night looked like it could be a trap -- especially when it was hovering around 6-3 and 6-6 or so early on. LSU just asserted their will eventually, in advance of having to travel to Morgantown this weekend. An SEC schedule is brutal -- LSU has to play a Florida team that suddenly seems very good, and play @ Alabama in November -- but this team has the ability to end up in that national title game, without question.

3. Here comes Michigan: Look at their schedule. The only two seemingly obvious losses that are sitting there seem to be @ MSU and vs. Nebraska, right? Could this be a year they crack 10-2? Whoa...

4. The Ramblin' Wreck: They hung a ton of yards and offense on Kansas, which isn't a tremendous surprise. Some dude named Orwin Smith came out of nowhere and became a stud. Their schedule isn't that bad -- @Miami, hosting VT, etc. They just cracked the top 25 (at No. 25). Might be a sleeper team here.

5. Hmm, Texas: Back to the recent glory days with a McCoy at QB and a Shipley at WR, and lookie here -- the offense and defense seem to be clicking. Red River is in three weekends... circle it.


1. College Gameday in Morgantown? "Clean-up on Aisle 4, please." What a disaster that portends to be.

2. Ronnie Hillman at The Big House: Statistically, Hillman (SDSU) might be the most dominant RB in America. It's his coming-out party on Saturday, as the Aztecs hit Ann Arbor. He'll likely gash that defense -- yes, the same defense I just claimed might back up a 10-2 team -- but look for Michigan to win.

3. The FSU drop: Clemson's somehow ranked now (No. 21) -- presumably by beating an Auburn team that Vegas thought would win six games. Ah, well. Now they get FSU, after an emotional home loss. Could Clemson drop the Seminoles to 2-2? I mean, I dunno -- that's why they play the games. FSU has way more talent, but Death Valley is a brutal spot.

4. Is Okie State for real? They've been beating up on whomever (no offense, Tulsa) but here we go on Saturday -- 3:30 pm major focus game vs. another top 10 team (Texas A&M), and it's on the road. If Brandon Weeden wants the love that his cross-state counterpart Landry Jones is now getting, he needs to show up big here.

5. Look on down the line: Next weekend (Oct. 1)? Alabama's going into the Swamp. Charlie Weis has a whole lot of frustration over years of not being respected as a college coach to get out here, so... it might be time to dance, Nick Saban and that suffocating defense.


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