Where to Watch College Football in NYC

Where We Watch's Guide to College Football

Who needs fantasy football, NFL Sunday Ticket and melodramatic rookies holding out for better contracts? Where We Watch started because of a few friends and their love of college football and their need for awesome college football bars. We know what it's like to be an avid alum in the big city. Sure, its not difficult to get Top 10 teams on tv, but there is nothing more annoying than the random fan trying to get a channel change midway through the game. Don't even get us started on audio. We want to be with our bretheren on Saturday in a crowded bar with great drink specials and even better enthusiasm.

That's why we are here. We have painstakingly scouted bars for teams in the six major conferences so you can feel at home in the big apple, whether you're a Boilermaker, Scarlet Knight, or just a diehard sports fan. Mix in some great drinking discussions and previews of upcoming games, and Where We Watch will quickly become a "favorite" on your weekly internet rotation. So dig out your college paraphernalia and head out to the bars. College football season has arrived.

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