Where to Watch the NFL in NYC

Where We Watch's Guide to the NFL

We have arrived time of year every member of the Dawg Pound, Raider Nation, Cheesehead and Dol-fan waits for with bated breath. We've been waiting for almost seven hot months. Sure, you might be watching baseball, but who are you kidding? Baseball is boring. There's nothing that compliments the changing of the leaves like September's first kickoff. We all have pigskin on the brain. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's football season.

We here at Where We Watch know what it's like to be an ex-pat in the big city. The majority of bars that you visit are predictably packed to the gills with Giants and Jets fans. It can make an out-of-towner a little homesick. But who wants to sit on their beloved (albeit tacky) Steelers branded couch and watch at home? Who wants to make their own drinks? Most importantly, who wants to be stuck without post-touchdown high fives? Sure, you can brown bag it around the city searching for someone to back you up when you ramble on about how good Cam Newton should be (someday) but the fuzz usually don't take kindly to that. Especially if they're Notre Dame fans.

That's why we are here. We have painstakingly scouted bars for every team in the league, so just about anyone can feel at home in the big apple. So settle in, drink up and get loud. It's time for football.

Here's Where Your Team is Watching:


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