Photos of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ - Midtown

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ - Midtown

416 8th Ave (Between 30th and 31st Street)
Subways: 1/2/3/A/C/E (34th St - Penn Station)


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says:

Look, this is a good spot -- but you need to keep everything in context. It will be crowded, and loud, and play audio -- so if you're looking for a place to shoot the ish with friends, this might not be it. The beer can be copious and relatively cheap, and the drunk and fried food is much the same -- so you'll get fat and happy, and be able to hear the audio on the ACC game of the week. Just make sure that's what you're looking for -- if you need something a little more low-key on a Saturday or Sunday in the fall, you might look elsewhere. If you want a rather intense, tailgate-esque experience, this is your jam. Also to note: if you get here around 12 on either Saturday or Sunday in the fall, it's never too crowded; on Saturdays it picks up for the 3:30pm and 8pm games and on Sundays, around 1-2 for the early NFL set.

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