Photos of Butterfield 8

Butterfield 8

5 East 38th Street (38th Street between 5th and Madison)
Subways: Anything to Herald Square, 6 to 42nd or 33rd


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says: This isn't a sports bar per se; they play sports, and they have good TV coverage, but they'd likely not even classify themselves as such. Rather, here's the experiences of one of our writers at this joint: one blind date meetup, one office party, another blind date up, and then the Mad Men reference (Francine, Betty Draper's friend, says "Butterfield 8!" when Betty speculates about whether her former roommate has become a call girl). It's a classy joint, that last reference aside. It's a solid place to sneak in for a 3:30 game on a college football Saturday because it's likely to not be too crowded -- although you might not find epic Ohio State fans lining the stools with you or anything.

Teams that watch here:

Denver Broncos

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