Photos of Fitzgerald’s Pub

Fitzgerald’s Pub

336 Third Avenue (Between 23rd & 24th Street)
Subways: 6 (23rd Street)


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says:

This is the official home of the New York Stoke City Fan Club... all three of them. Just kidding! That said, Fitzgerald's Neighborhood Pub is a great local bar which is always easy for a pint or two. With six tvs scattered throughout the bar with audio when asked, Fitzgeralds is definitely a go-to spot to watch your local favorites, but more importantly, is a Where We Watch favorite for some of the more non-traditional tv watching sports, including the summer's major golf tournaments and the Championships at Wimbledon. If the games slow down, just pull up at the bar next to Tom, the local barman, who will light you up in a conversation for hours.

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