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3318 Broadway, Astoria (Between 33rd and 34th Street)
Subways: N, Q (Broadway - Astoria)


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says:

Astoria is growing pretty quickly -- probably because it's still relatively cheap, and Brooklyn and other outliers are more expensive. In the way of true sports bars, though, for a long time the area only had two options -- Gleason's and McCann's, which is off the last stop. While others have cropped up in the past 24 months, Gleason's is the heart and soul of the Broadway area for the bar-going set. It has a bunch of TVs, will play virtually any game, and the food menu isn't half bad. Trivia on Wednesdays and constantly rotating taps round out the situation. One thing you do need to know, though: they recently moved to cash-only. They have a few ATMs on site, but still -- be prepared.

This place also gets loud and nuts for UFC and boxing, so note that.

Saturdays at noon and 3:30 are some ideal times to go -- seats at the long bar, windows open, friends to make while checking out different games. Towards the 8pm set, it's going to become a little more crowded with diners, birthday parties, pre-games, etc.


NFL Sundays tend to be quite crowded.

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