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Hill Country

30 West 26th Street (Between Broadway and 6th Avenue)
Subways: 1 (23rd Street), N/R (28th Street) and F/V (23rd Street)


Food: BBQ

Where We Watch says: In the spirit of full disclosure, we must admit that we are Hill Country regulars. And why wouldn't we be? The restaurant boasts finger lickin' bbq, cheap beer, great live music and a convenient location across the street from the new Hog Pit. On our first visit to Hill Country, we were given the opportunity to chase our shots with pickle juice. It may sound unappealing, but trust us, there is something in the pickle that will keep you standing a lot longer than the line at the Murray Hill Pizza 33. During football season, Longhorns fans and their Big 12 brethren pack into the HC with great food/drink specials and loads of personal space violations. This is a Texas joint that really believes you go big or go home.

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