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Irish Rover

3718 28th Street, Astoria (Between 37th and 38th Avenue)
Subways: R (Steinway), N/Q (Astoria Boulevard)


Food: No

Where We Watch says:

Classic Irish dive bar situated in Astoria. No food, although food options exist nearby and they are liberal about letting you order in. If you have friends in Astoria and want a chill night of watching sports, tell them to meet you here. Trivia on Thursday nights. 

Really good spot for college/NFL because they don't tend to get too crowded during the weekend days - and they have all the packages, although sometimes the bartenders need prompting as to what games are on what TVs. They'll give you audio on the back central television.

Nice jukebox here too - $1 for 2 plays and they update it with the newest jams. Yes, we just called music jams.

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