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Lansdowne Rd

599 10th Avenue (Between 44th and 45th Streets)
Subways: 1/2/3 (42nd Street), A/C/E (42nd Street), N/W/R/Q (42nd Street)


Food: Bar Fare, Pizza, Wings

Where We Watch says: While we know that the trek to 10th Ave can seem too far sometimes, consider Lansdowne Road. There are a lot of upsides: beer towers ($30, regardless of brand), a weekly promotion where if a certain Yankee or David Wright homers, your drinks are on the house, and a 'Daily Double' where one draft beer and one bottled beer are four dollars each all day. All good things. They have tons of TVs and you are guaranteed to meet some interesting people. On our first visit, we ended up next to a bunch of Detroit Red Wings fans from Kalamazoo, one of whom did a psuedo-kegstand off a tower of Hefeweizen. See, that's intriguing. Isn't that something you want out of a bar? As a PS - when your game is done, consider heading up a block to Lansdowne's sister bar, the Pony Bar. Pony Bar serves a rotating selection of awesome American craft beers all for $5. They also offer brewery tours and $4 beers from 4:20-5:20 pm during the week. That's a reason to make it to 10th Avenue.

Teams that watch here:

Green Bay Packers

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