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126 1st Avenue (Between 7th st and St Marks Place)
Subways: 6 (Astor Place) R/W (NYU - 8th st)


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says:

Lunasa is the East Village answer to the classic soccer pub. The low key atmosphere inside is low key until the match starts. The food is good and the beer on tap is reasonably priced, what more could you want? Stop in and get your chant on. Also, Lunasa is running a joint World Cup pool with Nevada Smiths. You can pick up an entry sheet at Lunasa. Deadline for entries is 8PM on Thursday, June 10th. There's a $20 entry fee per sheet and you can put in as many as you like. The pool has started off with $100 from each bar - 60% to the winner, 30% to second and 10% to third.

Teams that watch here:

Washington State Cougars

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