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Nevada Smiths

74 3rd Avenue (Between 11th Street and 12th Street)
Subways: 4/5/6/N/Q/R/W (Union Sq - 14th Street), L (3rd Ave)


Food: No

Where We Watch says: If you're looking for the spot to watch soccer in NYC, its Nevada Smiths. Some of its more famous patrons include Roman Abramovich (Owner of Chelsea FC) and Ehud Olmert (Prime Minister of Israel). While everyone here likes sports, they don't like just any sport: They like football--of the European type, mate. And they like it a lot. The energetic Irish staff encourages fans to divide into teams and chant slogans at each other, and tourists are known to stop by to watch the wild fans as much as the televised matches. Bar hours, along with everything else here, revolve around football: If there's a game kicking off overseas at 7am EST, Nevada Smith's will have its doors open and TVs on.

Teams that watch here:

Nebraska Cornhuskers Missouri Tigers Oklahoma State Cowboys Baylor Bears Vanderbilt Commodores Arkansas Razorbacks Kansas State Wildcats Oklahoma Sooners

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