Photos of Old Castle Pub & Restaurant

Old Castle Pub & Restaurant

160 West 54th Street (Between 6th ave and 7th ave)
Subways: B/D/E (7th Ave), F (57th Street), 1 (50th Street)


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says: The self-anointed "heart of Irish civilization in midtown," Old Castle Pub & Restaurant holds true to its roots and creates an authentic pub experience amidst the souvenir vendors and Times Square chains that plague midtown. This three-story football haven sports over eighteen high-def TVs regularly featuring the best of Setanta Sports - EPL, Rugby, Gaelic Football and Hurling, and World Cup qualifiers. With an eclectic bar menu and the good (Dogfish Head), bad (Schlitz) and ugly (PBR in cans) of beers, Old Castle and its sister bar, the Irish Pub, present a competitive front in a neighborhood ripe with soccer bars. Even after the whistle signals the end of extra time, both bars offer MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket which means there is always something to watch. Maybe they're wrong - maybe you don't need to go home again.

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