Photos of Redemption Grill

Redemption Grill

1003 2nd Avenue (Second Avenue between 53rd and 54th)
Subways: 6 (51st Street or 59th Street) N/Q/R (59th Street)


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says: Good place. The first time we were ever in here was for a girl's birthday party. The girl happened to be a lesbian, and so, accordingly, most of her friends were as well. That disappointed a few random male patrons. Were they disappointed by the drinks, the service, or the TV coverage? Good Lord no. One of us watched a live phone call with Mark Richt a few years back after UGA got screwed out of playing for the national title. Fun times. (Some UGA fans were in the bar and not, let's say, pleased.) Again, most people hit this area for football and go to Turtle Bay or whatever, so while it will be crowded in here, you can find room to breathe.

Teams that watch here:

Seattle Seahawks

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