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Southern Hospitality

1460 Second Ave (Between 76th and 77th Street)
Subways: 6 (77th Street)


Food: BBQ

Where We Watch says:

The place formerly known as "Justin Timberlake's restaurant" is full of real southern charm, so where better to enjoy game day? Southern Hospitality, the ultimate Memphis BBQ joint, opens early and stays open late so you can partake of good ribs, good brews and good games. In addition to airing all the big (and not so big) games on their 14 high-def TVs, Southern Hospitality offers summer bourbon and margarita tastings, American Idol viewings and most big boxing and UFC matches. Try to avoid getting too sloppy though, you never know, JT might be standing right next to you. For the NBA Finals, they'll be serving $10 pitchers of Coors Light & Miller Light to quench your thirst as you're watching the "Disney Series" aka the "Which team can win one without Shaq series"

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