Photos of Still


192 3rd Avenue (Between 17th and 18th Street)
Subways: Anything to Union Square/14th Street


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says: We'll jack NYMag's description for this one: "On the surface Still looks like a typical cavernous, after-work watering hole complete with plasma televisions and filled with men in rumpled blue button-downs. The black-and-white still photography (hence the name Still) that lines the brick walls gives it a slightly artier feel than the sports bar it seems to be. Walk into the dim-lit bar through the giant floor-to-ceiling front windows, though, and you’ll see that it’s a mix of everyone from suit-and-tie types to construction workers who all know one another. Although Wednesday’s all-you-can-drink special finds more than a few of them nodding their heads to cheesy music, on most weekday nights it’s fairly empty, which makes it good for conversation with one of the very friendly bartenders, or with friends at the tables in the back dining room. The beer and liquor selections are standard pub fare, but it's worth staying a while and trying some of the bar food such as the chicken fingers. During the week Still's vibe is mellow but on the weekends even the bartenders will admit that the place can to turn into a young frat party."

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