Photos of Stone Creek

Stone Creek

140 East 27th Street (27th Street between 3rd and Lexington)
Subways: 6 (28th Street) N/R/Q B/D/F/M (Herald Square)


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says: This place is pretty classy -- look at the main image on their website. It's a low-key vibe once you get in there, though. They have Direct TV for CFB and NFL packages in the fall of 2010. Your biggest advantage here is this: the area of this bar, near Murray Hill and Herald Square, is littered with semi-dumpy sports bars. This isn't one of them. As a result, you go here for a game and it might be crowded, but it's an intelligesia (did we even spell that right? That's ironic) and not a riff-raff.

Teams that watch here:

Dallas Cowboys

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