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Sunswick 3535

3502 35th Street, Astoria (At 35th Avenue)
Subways: R/M (Steinway), N/Q (36th Avenue)


Food: Bar Fare

Where We Watch says:

When I first moved to Astoria, some semi-drunk guy at another bar told me that Sunswick - that's what people call it, even though the official name is Sunswick 3535 - has "the best burger in America." I thought that might be a reach, so I checked it out. The burger is good, as is most of the menu (themed after old films), but the overall cache of this place is the beer selection (diverse, and often changing) and the generally good TV coverage. Note this: this is NOT a place to go and get rowdy, per se - it's mostly going to be locals and a couple of stumble-ins enjoying solid beer and food choices. You can likely get audio on the TVs and in general, the bartenders are going to be knowledgable about what games are on what channels. It's a low-key environment for a beer fan, and even though its not really a sports bar, you can kill two birds with one stone in here, no doubt.

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