Photos of The Flying Puck

The Flying Puck

364 7th Ave (Between 30th and 31st Street)
Subways: 1/2/3 (34th St.-Penn Station), B/D/F/N/Q/R/V/W (34th St.-Herald Sq.)


Food: Pub Fare

Where We Watch says:

Hockey trumps all at this Midtown puck shrine. There are some drawbacks, though. It's pricey, as Penn-adjacent bars tend to be and the food selection isn't great or cheap. However, if you love hockey, there is no better place. Whether it's baseball playoffs at the beginning of the season or basketball playoffs at the end, you will never lose your game or the sound. Rangers are the preferred feature (typical) but even if you have the least followed team in Manhattan you will be satiated. (Calgary Flames, I'm looking at you.)

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